The Mission

Meeting the needs of Women Veterans through Advocacy, Empowerment, Interaction, Outreach & Unification.

What We Do

Provide solutions for the unique and often unrecognized challenges facing women veterans.

How We Do It

Through programs, training and resources specifically designed for women veterans.

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Operation Safety Net (OSN) provides emergency funding for women veterans who are at risk of being homeless. The funding provided is coupled with our financial literacy program, to ensure that women vets don’t find themselves in financial hardship again.

Health and wellness are critical components of recovery for military service members, veterans and their families. While many consider wellness to be an ambiguous concept, numerous organizations and government agencies are looking at wellness and quality of life initiatives to help veterans. Although some studies suggest that overall wellness practices are effective and sorely needed, this arena is still in its infancy. To be sure, there are no comprehensive health and wellness programs specifically for the woman veteran.

This is where WVI has stepped up to the plate – we offer a pioneering Health and Wellness Initiative by supporting women veterans using an intentional focus on wellness and empowerment for the mind, body and spirit.

The Annual Pink and White Empowerment Brunch is an interactive outreach event designed to go into the communities where women veterans live in order to meet them at their points of need. These high touch events inspire, empower and encourage women veterans to live their lives to the fullest after military service. The brunch transcends a traditional brunch gathering because it addresses the major issues and obstacles women veterans encounter and provides potential solutions on the spot. The women are equipped to overcome obstacles with resilience and grace.

One of the many issues women veterans face is making the transition from active duty to civilian status is not always easy for women veterans. In fact, WOMEN VETERANS INTERACTIVE (WVI) events and programs have revealed that many women who have served forget that they possess proven leadership skills and confidence for their journey. To help eliminate this, the NATIONAL WOMEN VETERANS LEADERSHIP AND DIVERSITY CONFERENCE is designed to “Awaken the Leader” in the women who have served and sacrificed for our country.

The Women Veterans Transition Space is dedicated to leveraging and connecting these skills to meet the need of the civilian workforce through pre-screening, employer access to resumes and NO FEE HIRES. The WVTS career fairs and workforce development workshops also offer informational and instructional videos and webinars to assist women veterans in their vital quest to find a purposed career after military service.

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