About Women Veterans Interactive

Women Veterans Interactive (WVI) is a national 501 c3 nonprofit organization founded in 2011 by Ginger Miller who is a formerly homeless Navy veteran turned White House Champion of Change for Women Veterans.

The mission of Women Veterans Interactive (WVI) is to meet women veterans at their points of need through Advocacy, Empowerment, Interaction, Outreach, and Unification. WVI addresses the unique, and often unrecognized, challenges facing our nation’s 2.3 million women veterans as they return to civilian life.

With members nationwide, WVI provides outreach & support services to thousands of women veterans through the pillars of transition, empowerment, leadership, and diversity. WVI offers tailored programs, training and resources to equip women veterans at all stages of their military transition.

A Message From The Huntsville President...

After serving my country as a proud Soldier in the U.S. Army, my desire to make an impact in the lives of others did not decline upon retirement. I was not sure which capacity or platform I could best serve until I had an unforgettable encounter with Women Veterans Interactive (WVI).  I attended the Women Veterans Extravaganza in 2016 and by day two of the event, I had my a-ha moment!  

As a strong believer in seizing an opportunity, I sat on the edge of my seat and absorbed the situation unfolding around me. The room was filled with, love, knowledge, and a willingness from all the women in the room, and that opportunity empowered me. Soon after, I asked Ginger Miller, the CEO of WVI, if she would come to Huntsville and share Women Veterans Interactive (WVI) with the ladies in Alabama. Ginger said “Yes,” came to Huntsville, poured out her heart and left a positive impression that other woman veterans could understand, adapt to, and embrace as their own. I felt so blessed and once again connected to my military roots when Ginger accepted my request to bring WVI to Huntsville.

I take the job of President, WVI-Huntsville very seriously. I have a strong sense of pride as I go about the business of gathering other sisters in arms so that we may unify and be about the business of equipping the women veterans in our community.  Some would say it is hard work, but I will tell you it is the easiest job I have ever had. It is a natural joy for me to serve in this capacity, the type of joy you only get when you know you are doing what is right. Our transition from an Interest Group to a WVI Chapter, has been an honor At times I still get nervous about this assignment as Ginger has entrusted me with a portion of an organization that she built out of sheer necessity.

I love this organization and as the President of the WVI Huntsville Chapter, we shall embrace the corps values of WVI and serve Women Veterans in our Community that require our help. Serving in the military for over 27 years has given me a natural bond with leading and working with women veterans.  I will do all I can to ensure we, women veterans, are not forgotten or left behind.

Javis Kincaid
WVI Huntsville President

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